Sunday, April 18, 2004

golfers out there reading this would think i am crazy to start without a aoach of some sorts. "get a pro.." is what i get from friends.

i never did get a pro but theres this old guy at the driving range that seems to know what sonmething about golfing. i got the balls airborn, aa slice though, after about 10 minutes of following instructions from the old man.

ok whats next. i do plan to go there 3 times a week and with a day off in between and the weekend too. there so much to get right with the swing.

we'll see.
i thought i get the history of my attempt at golf online for those with no life to read. sure, other than spanking your monkey, reading blogs may be fun. but hey what do i know.

i got myslef a set of callaways x-14 irons that was on sale. i have no idea whatsoever about irons or woods or what, but these callaways look good.

i found a cozy little driving range 14km out of the city with zero people between the hours of 2pm till 6pm. hey, i rather start without some moron smirking or commenting at my swings and spoiling the whole golf experience.

talking about spoiling, i know a few guys who swear they hate golf after giving it a try. heck..maybe i get to find out why.

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